Going on the first date with a young Russian bride? read the tips
So you have been communicating via a dating site with the most beautiful Russian girl and at last the moment has come when you can meet. But, and it is difficult for you to admit it: you don’t know how to get the ball rolling; it is your first experience to see the person you have been dating online. Make your confidence win over your shyness.
Look again at the photo of your foreign pen pal. What are you expecting? Be truthful and interested. Pay compliments, but not to much.
Do not dominate in the conversation. If you feel uneasy, tell a comedic anecdote, even about your life, but don’t say anything about your mother or dog.
Ask questions, but don’t overload the Russian bride with them. It is not an examination and avoid simple yes or no questions.
Remark on certain matters. Comment on some film you have recently watched. When you find the topic both of you are interested in, the conversation will carry on.


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