In brief about MarmeLadies is a place in the Internet where single men from all over the world can meet single Russian or Ukrainian women.
This site is not created for those who want just to chat and is not ready for a serious relationship.
Ladies registered at have intention to meet their soul mate from abroad and get married. has established relationship with local marriage agencies in different towns and cities of former USSR, where ladies come to get assistance in translating and sending letters by electronic means. Our local partners do not just translate the messages – they check ladies’ data and make sure their desire to find their soul mate is sincere.

How do you provide confidentiality for the contact information I provide you with? respects the right of all members to confidentiality and does everything possible to facilitate its non-disclosure.
Other members of the site will only see generic information – your nick-name, name, age, height, marital status and photos. Your contact information will never be forwarded to any other site member or any other 3rd party unless you send it to the person you like.

What are the costs?

Registration and listing of your profile at is free of charge.
Sending "Kisses" (short notes saying that you interested in this lady) is also absolutely free.
You only pay for opening and sending messages to the ladies.

• First you purchase Credits; the Credits are put into your account

• A credit is deducted from your account when you send a message to a lady, or when you open an incoming message from a lady

Price List for Credits

2 credits $13
4 credits $23
10 credits $53
20 credits $93
32 credits $143
50 credits $193   (40% discount)

How do I pay?

The payments are processed online through the secure servers of our payment processing partner Paymentwall.

Paymentwall offers many local and global payment options in over 200 countries and global 24/7 customer support in 25+ languages. Secure payment forms are protected by SSL encryption and advanced fraud protection algorithms.

Please note that your billing report will show the transaction billed by Paymentwall.

Can I exchange email and phone numbers?

The answer is yes.
Even though majority of the ladies registered at do not have their personal e-mail addresses and computers at home, almost everyone have phones and definitely postal addresses. Unlike other international dating services that do not allow exchange of contact information, thus binding you to their site and unlimited payments, we not only allow, but encourage members to exchange personal contact information.
Though please bear in mind that asking for a phone number from the first letter might be a bit frightening for the lady who does not know you well enough – but please try and at least after 3rd or 4th message it’s absolutely normal to switch to try a phone talk

What is a “Kiss”?

"Kiss" option allows any member of MarmeLadies site to send a free and quick note saying that you like someone. Here's how it works:
You have a profile at and while searching the profiles you see a profile that you like. You wish to let that lady know you have an interest in starting a dialogue with her. (If you are a visitor, you will need to register before you can send a kiss.) Now, you click the "Send a Kiss" button located under the photos, and the lady gets notified that you sent her a kiss, meaning you got interested in her. If she also likes you or wants to know more about you, she will send you a message back.

Do the ladies speak English?

The level of knowing the English language is indicated in the lady’s profile.
All the women you see at get registered and want to meet a foreign man to get acquainted with. Even if they don’t speak your language, they will get a free translation of your message from the local marriage agency she is using to get access to the site. Message back to you will also be translated absolutely free of charge. It’s only possible to learn a foreign language if you are constantly using it. Talk and correspond with the lady you like and you’ll see how it improves!

Am I supposed to open all incoming emails?

Absolutely not. You are free to open the letters from ladies you like most of all.

How do I remove my profile?

To remove your profile simply send a message to MarmeLadies Customer Support by using Contact Us button at the top of the site. We’d be grateful if you let us know the reason you decided to stop using