Exotic Destinations for November Holidays with Russian Women
In November, there are wonderful opportunities for recreation in exotic countries with your young, beautiful and slim Russian girlfriend. For example, in India, a trip around the country can be combined with a beach holiday in Goa. Last autumn month you can still avoid the influx of tourists and comfortably relax near the warm ocean.

The best weather conditions in November are also typical for the Maldives, where the season of the northeast monsoon begins. Maldives is widely known for its atoll-resorts, each of which is a unique world, surrounded by the purest coral beaches and the clear blue sea. Rest in the Maldives will suit, above all, those who want to relax from the city noise and bustle, away from civilization.

November is the best time for a holiday in the Seychelles, where magical landscapes along with pleasant sunny weather will make the holiday truly unforgettable. In the autumn there are no hurricanes or long tropical showers on the islands - and the weather does not bring unpleasant surprises. November is also suitable for diving; You can see the most beautiful coral reefs near the island of Mahe.

In Cuba, the average annual water temperature does not fall below + 24 ° C, and the dry season that began in autumn pleases with warm sunny days.

Exotic lovers will like the rest in Mexico. However, it is worth remembering that despite the dry season, in November, tropical hurricanes are possible on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and because of the high humidity in most resorts, acclimatization is necessary.

In November, a warm and humid season begins in French Polynesia that lasts until May. During this period, the air temperature ranges from + 27 ° C to + 30 ° C and is characterized by high humidity.

In Singapore in November, the temperature does not fall below + 24 ° C - and is ideal for walking around the metropolis. Singapore's themed parks for example recently opened Universal Studios will please adults and children with unusual attractions.


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