6 Ways to Get your Penpal interested
Natural shyness, lack of experience in communicating with the opposite sex, the silent exchange of “Kiss” on the site - all this makes it difficult to correspond and relax during the conversation.

We have collected 6 effective rules for an intriguing dialogue: how to make the Russian lady wait for a new message from you every day.

Rule number 1. Forget template phrases
Forget the standard phrases “Hello. How are you?" and "Let's get to know each other." Try to stick in memory, use your imagination and sense of humor as it is a win-win option to attract attention.

Rule number 2. Ask the right questions
In order to get the right answer you should ask a correct question. You can ask a Russian girl what kind of movie she likes to watch, what books to read. No need to ask questions that imply a definite answer. The girl should be interested, she should want to answer in a detailed manner. She will easily communicate with people who are really interested in maintaining a conversation, sharing impressions.
It is better to omit questions "What are you doing?" and "How are you?". For correspondence, the question “How is your mood?” Is suitable. The girl will not be able to resist and will write more about herself.

Rule number 3. Use ambiguous phrases
Girls like to look for subtext in what is written. You should speak in a mysterious manner so she will try to guess what is it all about. No need to express a desire in an open form, it can push away. Girls love to fantasize, give her such an opportunity, use emoticons in chat on our website, she will be interested in guessing the hidden meaning.

Rule number 4. The last word is yours
If you started a dialogue, you must end the conversation. In this case, you need to build a farewell phrase so that the girl couldn’t fail to answer. Communication should be completed on a positive note. The girl will be waiting for a new correspondence, it will be interesting for her to communicate with a partner who does not bore her.

Rule number 5. Do not forget about humor
Russian girls appreciate serious guys with a sense of humor. But remember that you should joke in moderation and according to the topic of conversation. Your jokes should not be mockeries, then she will happily support the conversation.

Rule number 6. Do not be a wimp
Communicating, the girl should feel easy. No need to constantly ask how she spends her free time. If she does not want to elaborate on the topic, this is her right. Therefore, if you are excessively curious and persistent, her interest will quickly disappear. Keep away, but never disappear.

Having achieved her attention, do not get carried away by the epistolary genre, otherwise, there is a risk of remaining an eternal pen pal. Having found the adherentpoint, start discussing the meeting taking into account her wishes, and, most likely, the success of the first live meeting is guaranteed.


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