Open-armed welcome of October!
Dear Customers! First month of the autumn has come to its end. Anyway we hope that warmth of just ended summer is still with you. Let us inform you that the beginning of October is really full of warmth and joy!

October 1- The World’s Day of MUSIC! What music do you like? Have you already sent a disc with your favorite songs to your lady? Music is universal and unique language! Use it to express your feelings, emotions and intentions…….

By the way! This is not the only holiday for this day – The World’s Day of SMILE! Does your lady make you smile? Did you tell her funny stories in your messages? Remember that sincere smile is the right way for people to become closer..

And one more date for the beginning of the month – The World’s Day of a TEACHER is on the first Sunday of October! It’s very feminine and respectable profession over Russia and Ukraine. This day is full of flowers and thanks not only of schoolchildren and students. Adults remember their first teachers and tutor too! It’s really warm day in all meanings!
So smile, choose your song and make your lady smile with a present!
It’s so easy at!


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