Merry Christmas! Make whishes!
Dear Customers!

Winter has come again! Usual cycle, isn’t it? December is time of summing up, decisions and Christmas preparations. Christmas trees, presents and candles make us feel and smell the holidays! Make whishes! Give presents! Make decisions! It’s time of hopes and joy for everyone! Take from holidays as much as you can!

There are many holidays celebrated all over the world and though some of them have never been celebrated in Russia and Ukraine, today they are well known and much loved there too. Despite Orthodox Christmas is January 7th, Russian people feel thrill of anticipation before Catholic Christmas. The holiday has one meaning for both religions, so it’s highly respected and expected by everyone all around the world no matter what country it IS! whishes you don’t to afraid taking risks and to try to make your life better in all meanings! Close your eyes and make a wish! Remember that Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind!

Merry Christmas from! Love and be loved!


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