Gifting Habits for Your Valentine!
Hey, hey! The sweetest and most romantic St Valentine’s Day is getting so soon!

Did you know that in the circulation of valentines on February 14 there are differences existing between the "gifting habits" of men and women, and sometimes they tend to be quite entertaining?

For instance, the representatives of the stronger sex normally take the initiative of gift-sending: 47% of the total number of Valentine's gifts are given by men to their beloved women. Ladies accept congratulations, but they are not always answered by them: only 31% of gifts come from women to men.

Most users choose one person as the addressee to send a Valentine gift.
"One-woman" men are slightly fewer - 75% compared to 79% among “one-man”
women. It’s curious that about 3% of men, like real Casanova, send gifts to 5 or more female recipients!

That goes without saying that preferences in the choice of valentines are quite traditional for both sexes. The romantic users prefer hearts, teddy bears and angels with red roses. So, we are not going to take you away from typical but yet so exciting and tenderly pleasant gifts for St Valentine’s as a cute Teddy bear or a Large heart-shaped box of sweets along with 5 red roses - to be delivered by our delivery service to Your Very Special Woman! Check for more special St Valentine’s offers at any lady’s profile page by clicking “Send flowers” button


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