Bright events of March!
Dear Friends!

Even if you still wear your coat every day, the idea of soon coming spring warms you soul, doesn't it? It's always time of new hopes and inspiration. So it's right time to make planes in order not to loose a minute of such a wonderful time!

So what do we have in March? Let's look through the world's map:

March 1st - the day of spring coming in Romania - all citizens make nice wicker presents to each other. But if you are fan of beer, you need to visit Iceland this day as the Bjordagurinn - The Beer Day - is celebrated there.

March 3 - it would be great to move to Spain\Barcelona. La Fiesta de Sant Medir is taking place - it's a great colourful parade of carriages, horses, flags and people in fancy dress. One of the main features is that they throw sweets all around so you can feel yourself a child trying to catch the sweetest one!

March 21th - The Day of Independence in Greece! It's one of the main days there and greatly organized events will take place. No doubt it is worth to be seen! The same day The World's day of Harmony is celebrated in Australia. The main idea of the day is a consolidation of countries against racism. Orange ribbon is a symbol of the day.

It's only a few events that will take place in the world in March.
We will talk a bit later about the brightest and the most expected holiday from our points of view! Don't think we have forgotten! Our advice is to think about meeting with your lady these days. Maybe first month on spring is the right time for the first meeting?

Anyway if your bright event has nothing similar with above-mentioned, we hope it'll be soon!
We hope it'll be in March!


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