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How do I send flowers to a lady, who does not have a “Send flowers” button?

If a lady’s profile does not have “Send flowers” button, this might be caused by several reasons- the lady might be out of town, sick or away from home with other circumstances and she gets in touch with our partners by phone/email. You can ask the lady about it or contact us by filling the form below and we’ll check whether no “Send flowers” button is temporary or not.

When can I send my contact information to a lady?

Unlike many other dating sites where the exchange of contact information is prohibited, when communicating through our service you can provide the ladies with your email, phone number or other contact details through our Support Service free of charge. To prevent fraud (scam) cases on our site there is automatic control system integrated over the ladies’ outboxes. However, it’s obvious that we are not able to control and be responsible for the correspondence outside our website. This is the reason why we strongly recommend our customers to use our service in order to get to know each other better, and as soon as both you and the lady feel safe and confident enough, you might want to take a step to another level of relations and switch to direct contact. Discuss this with your lady, and if she is ready, please submit a request for the contact information exchange by filling in the "Client Consent Form".

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