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Single pen pal Natalia, 39 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Natalia 39

Moldova, Tiraspol

Would you ever date a lady who has a child? I am a mature, wise and experienced woman who is very affectionate, rom...

Amazing wife Inna, 57 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Inna 57

Moldova, Tiraspol

How is life? Would you date a mature beautiful lady? I am wise, kind and friendly lady who still dreams about true lo...

Beautiful wife Liudmila, 34 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Liudmila 34

Moldova, Tiraspol

My name is Ludmila. I am a different and special lady: I am funny and serious, strong and soft. I can be a tigress an...

Sexy miss Veronika, 26 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Veronika 26

Moldova, Tiraspol

How are you? My name is Veronika! I am a real lady with fire and lots of passion. I am kind, classy, well-educated an...

Beautiful miss Margarita, 23 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Margarita 23

Moldova, Tiraspol

Would you marry a beautiful blonde? I want to love and to be loved. I am young, sweet and sexy blonde Margo! Despite ...

Pretty lady Anna, 29 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Anna 29

Moldova, Tiraspol

When a person is in love he feels support and self-confidence. I really believe that love can save the world. I want...

Charming lady Katerina, 21 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Katerina 21

Ukraine, Kharkov

I am open-minded person always opened for a new acquaintance . For now I am fond of travelling so much , I am creativ...

Single lady Irina, 35 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Irina 35

Moldova, Tiraspol

I want a real man and real dates! I would love to meet you, to hold your hand and to feel your kisses. I am positiv...

Nice lady Liliana, 39 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Liliana 39

Moldova, Tiraspol

Nice to meet you! My name is Liliana. Do you believe in soul-mates? I do! Though I was in love before, I am ready to ...

Single girl Valentina, 39 yrs.old from Tiraspol, Moldova

Valentina 39

Moldova, Tiraspol

How are you? I am very active, honest and charming lady full of enthusiasm and passion. I am very optimistic and neve...

Single woman Irina, 28 yrs.old from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Irina 28

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

I am living in one of the beautiful city of Russia and it influence on me, I think.They say I am kind, modest and int...

Single bride Anastasia, 24 yrs.old from Anenii Noi, Moldova

Anastasia 24

Moldova, Anenii Noi

My sensual lips missed kissing! I am very cheerful, kind and always in a good mood. I like to spend time with friend...