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Gorgeous girlfriend Zinaida, 48 yrs.old from Zhitomir, Ukraine

Zinaida 48

Ukraine, Zhitomir

I'm a queit person and my biggest dream is to be happy. I think I deserve it. I'm very family-oriented. It is the m...

Sexy girlfriend Lilia, 34 yrs.old from Simferopol, Russia

Lilia 34

Russia, Simferopol

The sky we have above is one for you and me ... no matter how far we are now - I have the hope that we will overcome ...

Pretty miss Irina, 37 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Irina 37

Ukraine, Kiev

I am a curious, cheerful, passionate, but most of the time thoughtful, honest, decent, active and warm-hearted lady. ...

Nice lady Yuliya, 32 yrs.old from Pskov, Russia

Yuliya 32

Russia, Pskov

I am someone who stays in good mood all the time (at least I try to be positive in all situations)I spend much time w...

Amazing lady Svetlana, 43 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Svetlana 43

Ukraine, Kiev

I think I am a tender, humorous and kind lady. I am an excited woman and a caring mother. I am a playful kitten and ...

Hot bride Yulia, 36 yrs.old from Saint Petersburg, Russia

Yulia 36

Russia, Saint Petersburg

I love sport, nature, traveling, I lead a healthy way of life I am optimistic and energetic, I am full of love for li...

Charming bride Irina, 35 yrs.old from Sochi, Russia

Irina 35

Russia, Sochi

In a relationship I can give you a lot of care and understanding. I'm a kind, good natured, sympathetic girl, who lov...

Single bride Elena, 36 yrs.old from Krasnodar, Russia

Elena 36

Russia, Krasnodar

Clever, attractive, gentle, thin) I like to travel, I like toread, I go in for sports. I am happy, cheerful. I love: ...

Amazing bride Yulia, 39 yrs.old from Moscow, Russia

Yulia 39

Russia, Moscow

I am tall, slender, cute, kind, honest, I dont have any harmful habits, I have sense of humor, I dont like conflicts,...

Charming pen pal Natalia, 34 yrs.old from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Natalia 34

Ukraine, Nikolaev

Having some free time, I prefer to spend it with purpose and use. By nature, I am open-minded person so I like to be ...

Amazing pen pal Tatiana, 52 yrs.old from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Tatiana 52

Ukraine, Nikolaev

I’m a creative and artistic person and I think this helps me a lot not only in my professional career but also in usu...

Charming wife Galina, 28 yrs.old from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Galina 28

Ukraine, Vinnitsa

Like any person I have own vision of myself. And I will try to describe my personality the best I can. I have kind, t...