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Single girl Vera, 26 yrs.old from Sevastopol, Russia

Vera 26

Russia, Sevastopol

I am tender lady, ready to meet my second half! To make him the happiest man in the world! I am sure he is somewhere ...

Gorgeous girl Irina, 35 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Irina 35

Ukraine, Kiev

I am a very quiet and warm-hearted young woman who prefers home and family to noisy and big companies. I am very gent...

Nice woman Tatyana, 51 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Tatyana 51

Ukraine, Sumy

I value security and stability and I am here to create a relationship where mutual love, understanding, patience and ...

Amazing woman Lyudmila, 40 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Lyudmila 40

Ukraine, Kiev

I am an intelligent, optimistic and good-humoured woman. I am open to new experience. I am easy-going, friendly and a...

Sexy woman Tatyana, 55 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Tatyana 55

Ukraine, Sumy

I am real and genuine in my intentions to create a committed, loving, heartfelt relationship. If you get to know me y...

Beautiful woman Oxana, 35 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Oxana 35

Ukraine, Sumy

I am a gentle, really affectionate and caring woman and I desire to create a harmonious loving relationship with my f...

Pretty bride Juliya, 33 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Juliya 33

Ukraine, Kharkov

So here is some words about me, my stranger)Very Happy I really enjoy travelling and visiting new places, to meet new people ...

Nice bride Natalia, 61 yrs.old from Sevastopol, Russia

Natalia 61

Russia, Sevastopol

I can laugh and cry, I can work hard and adore days off, I can be patient and burst out with emotions, but above all ...

Gorgeous bride Anna, 43 yrs.old from Berdiansk, Ukraine

Anna 43

Ukraine, Berdiansk

I am a stylish, passionate, clever, easy going, communicative and sweet woman. Nature gave me beauty so I chose a job...

Beautiful bride Irina, 38 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Irina 38

Ukraine, Sumy

My feminine nature and charm are so authentic and when I enter the room it is more about an air of sexiness and confi...

Pretty mail order bride Anna, 37 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Anna 37

Ukraine, Sumy

 I am a wonderful woman, sensual and seductive, I will be charming and affectionate with my man, bringing him my love...

Single mail order bride Кaterinа, 34 yrs.old from Kiеv, Ukraine

Кaterinа 34

Ukraine, Kiеv

When I see little kitty or puppy on the road I can’t omit it, I always try to help homeless animals because I can’t s...