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Nice woman Anna, 29 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Anna 29

Ukraine, Kharkov

I am definitely not a conflict person, on the contrary, I am very calm and I would even say patient. I am always hone...

Amazing woman Lyudmila, 39 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Lyudmila 39

Ukraine, Kharkov

It would be honest to say that I am communicative, hardworking, tactful, friendly and supportive. I would also say th...

Gorgeous woman Valeria, 20 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Valeria 20

Ukraine, Kiev

There’s a million fish in the ocean, but I’m a MERMAID… A TEMPTING MERMAID. The thing I wanted to say, that I’m not l...

Beautiful woman Victoria, 34 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Victoria 34

Ukraine, Kiev

First of all now I am a successful lawyer. I give a lot of attention to work and to my self-education and self-improv...

Pretty bride Ekaterina, 26 yrs.old from Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ekaterina 26

Ukraine, Kharkiv

I see the world and people in a special way. I see them inside but not only outside. I see beauty in every person an...

Charming bride Nadezhda, 26 yrs.old from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Nadezhda 26

Ukraine, Khmelnitsky

I am a hardworking, honest and open woman. I enjoy developing and moving forward. Life is a movement. I do not like t...

Nice mail order bride Marina, 36 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Marina 36

Ukraine, Kharkov

It’s hard to describe myself but I will try. I believe I am friendly, easy-going, cheerful, positive and responsible ...

Charming pen pal Alina, 36 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Alina 36

Ukraine, Kharkov

I am open, kind and honest. I prefer to tell the truth no matter what. I treat people in a way exactly I want to be t...

Pretty wife Natalia, 52 yrs.old from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Natalia 52

Ukraine, Nikolaev

I can say about myself that I am a very easy-going and kind person, because I love people and treat them as I want...

Charming wife Olga, 33 yrs.old from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Olga 33

Ukraine, Nikolaev

I can say about myself that I’m a very active and positive lady. My profession is my passion!) I like to express myse...

Amazing wife Karina, 31 yrs.old from Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Karina 31

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi

I am a positive, sincere, life-loving, tender and responsible lady. I am a very demanding person and I always try to ...

Beautiful wife Alla, 49 yrs.old from Berdyansk, Ukraine

Alla 49

Ukraine, Berdyansk

I am loving and caring, sensual and emotional woman with an attractive appearance, beautiful soul and true heart that...