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Amazing girlfriend Larisa, 37 yrs.old from Odessa, Ukraine

Larisa 37

Ukraine, Odessa

I believe that sincerity and openness in relationships are important parts of the foundation of our connection, and I...

Sexy girlfriend Anastasiia, 18 yrs.old from Kyiv, Ukraine

Anastasiia 18

Ukraine, Kyiv

My name is Anastasia, and here is a little bit about myself. I am a student who is passionate about studying legal ju...

Charming miss Valeria, 30 yrs.old from Nikopol, Ukraine

Valeria 30

Ukraine, Nikopol

The first and most important aspect of my life to me is my determination. I always strive to achieve my goals, no mat...

Single miss Olga, 34 yrs.old from Belgorod, Russia

Olga 34

Russia, Belgorod

I am a very buoyant and optimistic lady! I am used to living with the smile on my face looking on the bright side of ...

Nice miss Maria, 32 yrs.old from Dnepr, Ukraine

Maria 32

Ukraine, Dnepr

First of all, I want you to know that I am a strong and independent woman. I have my own dreams, goals and ambitions,...

Amazing miss Maria, 38 yrs.old from Odessa, Ukraine

Maria 38

Ukraine, Odessa

I believe that honesty and openness are key factors in establishing deep and meaningful relationships, so I believe n...

Charming lady Olga, 45 yrs.old from Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

Olga 45

Ukraine, Khmelnytsky

I can describe myself as a calm, warm-hearted, intelligent and caring woman. I am family oriented and generous. I hav...

Beautiful lady Oksana, 50 yrs.old from Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Oksana 50

Ukraine, Mykolaiv

I am a kind and gentle woman who is looking for her true love. My lifestyle at the moment is work and sports. I'm re...

Single woman Evgeniya, 44 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Evgeniya 44

Ukraine, Kiev

I`m very calm and positive person. I try to live always with smile on my face. I`m very kind and I appreciate the sam...

Pretty bride Katerina, 30 yrs.old from Odessa, Ukraine

Katerina 30

Ukraine, Odessa

What do you think about me when you find out that I have two university degrees in Law and International Travel Busin...

Single bride Olesya, 45 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Olesya 45

Ukraine, Kiev

I am full of energy and love! My dream is to find love! Love does not know ages, right? I am in the perfect age to lo...

Amazing bride Irina, 37 yrs.old from Kyiv, Ukraine

Irina 37

Ukraine, Kyiv

I am an active, interesting, gentle, caring, outspoken romantic woman! I believe in pure and selfless love. Despite t...