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Sexy girl Tatiana, 25 yrs.old from Krasnodar, Russia

Tatiana 25

Russia, Krasnodar

I am full of life, love, and passion! I am tender, kind, and gentle! I do not like conflicts and scandals. I do not ...

Beautiful girl Elizabet, 23 yrs.old from Sofia, Bulgaria

Elizabet 23

Bulgaria, Sofia

I like to be in harmony with myself. I am a very optimistic and quiet person who used to carry about everybody. I am ...

Pretty woman Veronika, 29 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Veronika 29

Ukraine, Kiev

In childhood, all the girls read fairy tales about how a handsome prince comes and he and the princess live happily e...

Hot woman Tatiana, 24 yrs.old from Lutsk, Ukraine

Tatiana 24

Ukraine, Lutsk

When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it. I believe that it's work. I'm h...

Single woman Natalia, 28 yrs.old from Kyiv, Ukraine

Natalia 28

Ukraine, Kyiv

I'm cheerful, easy-going, and communicative. I'm always in a good mood and I know the way to make your day better) I...

Nice woman Evgenia, 35 yrs.old from Feodosia, Russia

Evgenia 35

Russia, Feodosia

I am emotional,sincere and a little crazy girl)))lol Do you scare??? If you are ready to fall with me into the ocean ...

Sexy woman Alexandra, 19 yrs.old from Kyiv, Ukraine

Alexandra 19

Ukraine, Kyiv

You can look at me and think... another ordinary pretty girl... But I'm not ordinary!) I'm a girl why can MAKE YOU H...

Pretty bride Angela, 60 yrs.old from Vladivostok, Russia

Angela 60

Russia, Vladivostok

Hello! I am serious woman looking for her special man here. What can I say about myself? It is not easy but I will tr...

Charming bride Agostina Mariya, 26 yrs.old from Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Agostina Mariya 26

Mexico, Playa del Carmen

I believe that time does not stop or wait for anyone. So don't stop your life for little ones. Keep going because rig...

Single bride Valeriya, 23 yrs.old from Bali, Indonesia

Valeriya 23

Indonesia, Bali

A few more words about my life and character… My friends call me "sunshine" because I like bringing joy and happines...

Beautiful bride Oksana, 35 yrs.old from Simferopol, Russia

Oksana 35

Russia, Simferopol

It is always hard to discribe myself becuase I am shyness person) But I will try... I am sport trainer, I work in the...

Pretty mail order bride Daryna, 31 yrs.old from Cherkasy, Ukraine

Daryna 31

Ukraine, Cherkasy

I consider myself a fairly happy woman in this world. I am always an optimist. My rule of life is to always go forwar...