What are your wedding traditions?
Where are you from? Does your bride know the wedding traditions of your area? Maybe you can discuss it and prepare in advance? For example, did you know that:

In Scotland
In Scotland everything goes over the bride. In some settlements, where ancient traditions are still honored, there is a rite of denigration of the bride. Its essence is that the future wife is doused with mud from head to toe. After the fetid shower, the girl, escorted by groom’s friends, will have to stroll through all the drinking establishments of the town, so that everyone can enjoy an unusual sight. It is believed that after such humiliation, no tricks of the future husband are no longer terrible, there will be no quarrels in the family, and no one will want such muddy girl.

In Ireland
Ireland, as you know, is a country of various spirits and fairies, so the wedding celebration cannot do without leprosy of the forest inhabitants. After all, as you know, the inhabitants of the other world like all the most beautiful, and what can be more beautiful than a girl in a wedding dress?
It turns out that the Irish people sacredly believe that on the day of the wedding the girl, who is practically at the verge of her lives, is especially defenseless against evil spirits, which means that the holiday must be protected. That is why during the wedding dance the Irish woman should dance ... without taking her legs off the floor, because if she only lifts herself on her little toes, everything is lost! The fairies will carry her away to the enchanted forest.

In Mauritania
If you are planning to marry a Moorish, forget about diets. This is not a joke, because the standards of beauty are different everywhere, for example, in a distant country, thin girls are considered ugly. So nothing is surprising in the fact that from the age of ten, girls begin to intensively prepare for their wedding - to eat a lot. Incredibly, there are even specialized establishments in Mauritania where parents send their children - harsh matrons not only teach future wives to cook, sew and other women's business, but also make poor girls eat by force. As for the happy moment of the wedding, shortly before the holiday, the bride is locked up in a cramped room, where she must spend several days without moving and eating hearty meals. Such cruelty seems completely unbelievable these days, but it exists, and it seems that the Moors are not going to abandon it.

In Libya
In Libya, a wedding is celebrated for a long time, for whole week guests do not leave the festive table. A rather unusual ritual is performed on the sixth day of the wedding when the groom gives the bride a guff - a basket with gifts. Standard contents of guff: fabrics, perfumes, incense. The young wife, in order not to offend the newly-made spouse, must try all the gifts immediately. To do this, they call one of the girl’s relatives, for example, a sister or aunt, who must take out one incense after another from the basket and ... rub them in the bride’s heel. According to the legend, thanks to this ritual, the newlywed will be able to keep her husband under her heel all his life.

Tell your girlfriend about your traditions - wedding, family. Ask her what to prepare for if you are organizing a wedding in Russia or Ukraine. Such memories will be a wonderful accumulation in the memory box.


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