The parts of the male body that slavic women like most
Beauty is a rather subjective concept, it is evaluated differently by everyone. But there is still something in common in human preferences. For example, you can often hear from men that they like women's legs, and from girls - how they admire large and strong hands. Let's talk about what Russian and Ukrainian girls like.

Arms and shoulders
The absolute majority of girls pay attention to them. According to respondents, it is biceps, triceps, deltoid and shoulder-beam muscles that are an indicator of male strength. Hands should be large and prominent, and shoulders should be wide.

Concerning this part of the body, the preferences of both sexes seem to converge. Russian girls are attracted by toned, strong and proportional buttocks. And, as it turned out, they are good motivators for doing sports!

In third place is well-built male back. When it is wide, women feel safe, because you can hide behind it and, of course, hug it. No wonder they say ‘like behind a stone wall“!

Surprisingly, the girls pay less attention to it. But if they do , then they especially pay attention to the oblique muscles of the abdomen. To work out the press, you need not only to sweat in the gym or at home but also to reduce body fat with the help of the right diet.

To it ladies have approximately the same criteria as to other parts of the body. The chest should be jacked and moderately springy. The pectoral muscles can be worked out in different ways: with the help of simulators, exercises on the parallel bars, with a barbell or dumbbells.

Women like not over jacked but strong and embossed legs. Moreover, it is worth remembering both about the thigh muscles and about the calf muscles. You can conveniently work out them in combination with buttocks.

Moreover, again, wide. It seems to many people that the muscles of this part of the body cannot be jacked up. In fact many effective exercises for the flexors and extensors of the neck can be performed at home.

Perhaps it is worth listening to their opinions before going to the gym. By the way, do you go to the gym?


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