The color of the swimsuit and your girl’s character
By the colour of the swimsuit, a girl chooses her character can be determined. Given the onset of the beach season, you can check whether this is true or just fiction. So, by the colour of the swimsuit and by its model in particular, you can determine what character traits the girl has, on which she is actually dressed.
So let’s check:

The colour of the sea and sky, and maybe her eyes. This colour of a swimsuit perfectly corrects the figures, and according to psychologists, ladies with a developed intellect and a balanced character choose the colour.

This colour in calmer cold shades is chosen by ladies 30-40 years old, calm and self-confident. But the bright and juicy shades of green and light green not only do not look at all on untanned skin, but they also “talk” about their owners as capricious and eccentric persons.

Red is the colour of desire. If your lady is not embarrassed to be in the spotlight and doesn’t blush from indiscreet looks at her body, then a scarlet, purple or red swimsuit is just made for her. Accordingly, girls who are bold, daring and hot choose red swimsuits.

The colour of communication. It’s chosen by coquette girls and laughter-talkers. Golden shades of yellow are chosen by women who want to make new acquaintances.

Black colour perfectly hides figure flaws, so women with a far-from-ideal figure choose swimsuits of this colour. And if we talk about character, then black is the colour of isolation and concentration. The owner of such a swimsuit is a very serious lady and you should not approach her with jokes.

Gently pink is usually chosen by very young girls, who are very similar in character traits to lovers of yellow swimsuits. Here, brighter shades of pink speak of the naivety and openness of their mistress.

A lady who has chosen a white swimsuit in the eyes of others seems touchy. In fact, white is chosen by women who are completely self-confident and strive for leadership.

Coloured bright prints:
This type of swimwear is characteristic of energetic, bright, active girls. They never sit in one place and tend to be adventurous.

Judging by the fact that in most cases a woman has several bathing suits of completely different colours, we can say with confidence: a woman is an unpredictable in nature and the colour of a swimsuit depends on her mood.

And yet, remember that sharing photos in chat is free for all summer, which means you need to ask her to show you all her swimsuits. Perhaps this will reveal something more about her to you. Use every opportunity!


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