Stable sexual life decreases the number of divorces with foreign wives
Some decades ago all Russian and Ukrainian women were taught that sexual life is only for reproducing themselves as among animals. Of course now all of them know this is not true. All Russian brides know that sexual life is the most important and maybe the only one thing that unites people (the second thing is spiritual side that is love). For example philosophy many centuries ago pays 95% of its attention to the questions of sex, and only 5% to the matters of the world. The Middle Ages enforced a taboo on enlightening the sexual life of people. Well, during the last 30 years after the beginning of the sexual revolution more books and articles have been written than during many past centuries. Statistics shows teenagers think about sex every 5 minutes. The sexual revolution has also increased the number of divorces. In Ukraine only 38% of women get married for the second times and the reasons are numerous. They cannot meet a decent person who would be a nice partner, lover, and father for the children. That is why a great number of Ukrainian women register on dating sites and look to get married abroad.


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