Some interesting fact about kissing a hot Russian or Ukrainian girl
1. A kiss actuates 29 (sometimes 34) muscles: such exercise is perfect against wrinkles.
2. When kissing you and Russian woman exchange a complex of substances (fats, salts, and proteins) that increase immunity.
3. 66 percent of hot Russian brides close eyes when kissing. Others enjoy watching the actions of the partner.
4. Before getting married any European woman kisses about 80 men.
5. A romantic kiss burns about 2-3 calories, a French kiss burns 5 and more calories.
6. 26 calories burn within a minute of kissing.
7. Sensitivity of lips is 200 times higher than sensitivity of fingers.
8. Men who kiss their Russian wives before going to work live 5 years longer.
9. A passionate kiss lasting 90 seconds increases pressure, pulse, and the level of hormones in the blood shortening the life by 1 minute.
10. In France a kiss is called “fusion of souls” as not only the lips, but also the tongue takes part in a kiss.
11. A kiss helps Russian ladies relax and relieve stress.


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