Some body language flirting tips to use on a hot Russian lady
Body language is one of the most powerful tools in flirting with any Russian girl. It will tell more about you that all the words of love. Psychologists have found that human interaction happens mostly without the use of words. Your body language is on the first place in communication, if you can use it, you will make your foreign bride fall in love with you and feel you are the only guy in the whole world. No Russian bride can resist it. And here are some tips for you.
Your body language should tell your Russian woman that you are a confident man. What will it mean to a girl? That she can feel safe by your side, secure, and needed.
The main task of body language is to get closer to the girl and thus to have the ability to read on her and her feelings. But if she rejects you, it means you have done something wrong. Maybe you were a little aggressive?
Learn to make eye contact with a Russian girl and feel there is chemistry between you and her.


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