Instructions for men how to “pull” a Russian woman
1. Let your Russian new friend understand that you are very interested in her.

2. Be confident. Slavic women see a man just like that. Therefore it is not recommended to pretend. Women can see the falsity.

3. Have a good sense of humor. A man who can make a woman smile or even make her laugh will win her sympathy.

4. Be courageous. It is not necessary to have eight abs cubes and inflated biceps and quadriceps. It is important to make it clear to your Russian friend that she can afford to be weak and fragile with you.

5. Demonstrate good manners. Modern Russian women in most cases choose polite men as husbands. Representatives of the stronger sex are not recommended to use foul language in the presence of ladies.

6. Be reliable and don’t talk to the winds. A man should not give empty promises to his chosen one. He is responsible not only for himself but also for his family. It is important to demonstrate to a woman that such a man can be relied on.

7. Be bright. A man who stands out will never be left without female attention. This rule works and vice versa. You can focus female attention on some of your dignity but without fanaticism. Whether it is literacy, romance or erudition.
8. Be neat and tidy. Women value cleanliness and order.

9. Be generous. Generosity for a woman by a man is a sign of his large heart. It is these representatives of the stronger sex that women represent as the man of their dreams from childhood.

The implementation of most of the paragraphs of the instruction will eliminate any doubts your Slavic darling that all women who begin their relationship through communication on a dating site have.


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