Hookah smoking is a nice pastime with a Russian bride
If you are tired of ordinary pastime and don’t know how to surprise your Russian wife we would offer you a romantic dinner with hookah smoking. Hookahs are great!
Hookah smoking has been very popular for 400 years. Now it is served with tobacco of different flavors and with some pomp after the meal.
The hookah consists of the following parts:
A smoke chamber filled with water, a bowl for tobacco and some heating source, a pipe connecting the bowl to the smoke chamber and dipping into the water, and a hose not dipping into the water for opening air in the chamber.
When you inhale through the tube, the pressure difference forces air past the heating source heating tobacco and giving off smoke. The smoke passes through the water into the smoke chamber. Then it is inhaled.
Now hookah is gaining popularity in Russia. Girls enjoy spending evening in a quaint café chatting about different things. So a romantic evening with a flavoured hookah is a wonderful surprise for a Russian woman.


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