Female Sagittarius - features in love
Woman Sagittarius attracts men with her diverse views of the world and philosophical march of mind. She has excellent abilities to reflect, to look deeper into the essence of everything that is happening, to search and find meaning in everything that surrounds it. Often a female Sagittarius looks young enough for her age and attractive, which further increases her success and popularity among men.

The next distinctive feature of the woman Sagittarius is her sincerity and openness. She has difficulties to hide something. Sometimes she may even say too much, where it would be better to remain silent. But on the other hand, she knows how to be extremely frank and open.

She often has an idealistic attitude to love, she can idealize a man, see only the best in him, not noticing anything bad. She also has a craving for everything that is sublime, subtle, and graceful.

She is attracted by romantic relationships, full of novelty and impressions, where there should be a lot of variety, interesting communication and rich emotions and feelings. Sometimes she wants more. She does not stop there; she is not inclined to limit her knowledge.

She always wants to expand the range of their knowledge; curiosity pushes her to new acquaintances and communication. She loves travelling, if she cannot travel to other countries, she will be happy to surf the Internet or read books, imagining the described situations. There is also a craving for adventure, including love.


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