A perfect kisser for a perfect Russian girl
Some men think that kissing comes naturally to everyone, but real life proves quite the opposite. Most people are unaware what makes a good kisser and may be taught by others. Though few men fill find pleasure in being taught by their girls from Russia. So here is some advice for you.
Follow your Russian bride. Most girls kiss the way they want to be kissed. So simply relax and follow her lead. Feel the movements of your Russian lady. If she avoids your kiss, then you must be too aggressive, if she pulls closer, then you don’t give her enough kiss. Also mind the time of the kiss. Notice when the mail order bride likes to be kissed and when not. This will make kissing more special. Don’t miss a kiss. If you have just started dating a Russian girl, you will hardly know her habits. But if she is close to you, looking in your eyes, she surely wants to be kissed.


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