3 compliments to say to a Slavic woman that will make her fall in love forever
All women, including Slavic women, are very worried about their appearance. We can say that each has, to varying degrees, an outspoken inferiority complex regarding appearance. Therefore, it is worth telling your Russian beloved more often how attractive and sexy she is. But it's important to find the right words. Do not try to show a sparkling sense of humor, saying, for example, that your beloved's ears are as touching and cute as those of Dumbo the elephant. Such a compliment will only make a woman feel insecure and she’ll worry about imaginary shortcomings. It is necessary to avoid vulgarity by complimenting the figure of your Russian lover: such words will make her think that the man is too rude.

A safe option is to compliment an outfit or hairstyle. You can say, for example, that the dress perfectly emphasizes the magnificent figure of your Slavic darling. Thus, you can simultaneously praise a woman's appearance and her excellent taste.

Abilities and achievements
Both men and women love when someone admires their achievements and skills. You can tell your Russian dating friend that you are overwhelmed by her intelligence (of course, it should be said without sarcasm), her skills in baking delicious pies, or her creativity when she shares stories with you about what she loves to cook or how her house is decorated. We must not forget to express admiration for each victory of the chosen one. Compliments like these are a great motivation to move on and develop. Besides, they emphasize that a man is interested not only in the appearance of his beloved but also in her interests and values.
Compliments can also concern the personal qualities of your Russian friend: her optimism, energy, faith in herself, kindness.

Quotes from songs and poems
Slavic women are deeply romantic natures, even if they try to hide it. Therefore, compliments-quotes from poems and songs do not leave indifferent any representative of the fair sex. The main task is to find a quote that will delight the girl and make her heart beat faster. In order not to be mistaken, it is worth finding out which performers the chosen one listens to, which poets she loves more than others. Perhaps, in the woman's favorite songs and poems, it will be possible to find words that the woman has long dreamed of hearing. It will also be great to share quotes from your favorite songs. This will help her get to know and understand you better.

Complimenting is an art. It's important to say sweet words sincerely. If they don't come from a pure heart, your Russian bride will immediately feel it!


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