St Nicholas Is on His Way!
On December 19, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates St. Nicholas Day.
Prelate Nikolay is considered to be the patron of travelers, seafarers and children, He is one of the most revered Saints in the Orthodox world. Christians believe that even nowadays He performs many miracles to help the people praying to Him.

Greece celebrates St. Nicholas Day as well. This Saint is the embodiment of mercy and humanity, care and protection of the weak.

Christmas holidays in Europe also begin with Saint Nicholas Day, which is celebrated on December 6th. St. Nicholas Day has religious roots and traditions of celebration, developed by the people over the centuries and traditions are composed of its good deeds. They narrate about how St. Nicholas helped the poor and destitute, and secretly tossed children to throw coins and food into their shoes that were put outdoors. Another legend tells of how He helped a poor girl to marry her Beloved, giving her money for the dowry.

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