Miss Winter 2018 Contest is over!
It’s our pleasure today to announce – our Miss Winter 2018 Contest is over! On the very first days of spring let us discover 3 winners among many participating ladies at our website! They provided their most beautiful and charming winter looks for you to judge and choose the best of the best! You did a great job voting and we appreciate you giving your votes for those ladies who you supported! So, the results of our Marmeladies.com Miss Winter Contest are as follows:

1st prize with max votes - a bunch of 15 snow-white roses goes to the Winter Queen Olga from Odessa, Ukraine Congratulations!

2nd prize goes next - a bunch of 13 snow-white roses goes to Sofia from Moscow, Russia Hurray!

3rd prize –a bunch of 11 snow-white roses goes to Elena from Kiev, Ukraine Well done!

Dear users, thank you very much for your votes during this contest! You have made our ladies feel brighter and more beautiful on this day!

Photos and videos of Top 3 ladies getting their rewards will be published in early March!


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