Maslenica days! Delicious tradition!
Dear Friends!

Ex-Soviet countries are well known by their cuisine – borsch, vareniki, pirogki.. The list can be as long as the history! If you have never tried it, you are lucky because the pleasure is in future! If you already had, then we are sure you’ll never resist the temptation to try some more!

Feb’20 Maslenica is starting! It’s really a pancake fest that lasts for a week. The variety of filling will satisfy any gourmet – berries, fish, cottage cheese! Have you tried pancakes with caviar?? Perfect combination!

Traditionally these days a future mother-in-law has to treat her future son-in-law as best as she can. Nowadays pancakes are the holiday for every member of a family. Easy to cook and impossible to stop! Maslenica comes right before the sever post that will last till the Easter.

We suppose that if your meeting with a lady has coincided with this delicious period of time, don’t lose your chance to show your knowledge of Slavic traditions and enjoy BLINI as much as you can!

Remember that it is a real pleasure for any lady to make her man feel well-fed and contented! Let her please YOU!


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