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Charming girlfriend Valeriya, 22 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Valeriya 22

Ukraine, Sumy

I am hot and passionate because of my youth. But at the same time I’m romantic! I am very easygoing person with a goo...

Single girlfriend Larisa, 44 yrs.old from Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Larisa 44

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi

I enjoy visiting museums, theatres, concerts and exhibitions. I like to listen to the music. I like karaoke. I like ...

Gorgeous girlfriend Tatiana, 32 yrs.old from Simferopol, Russia

Tatiana 32

Russia, Simferopol

I am an ordinary girl. I raise my son, hang out with friends, working, love to watch movies, go to theatre, to read b...

Sexy girlfriend Tatiyana, 47 yrs.old from Paltava, Ukraine

Tatiyana 47

Ukraine, Paltava

I have many interests, the main are culture and art (painting, music, dance). I play piano an this is my hobby and jo...

Beautiful girlfriend Anna, 33 yrs.old from Poltava, Ukraine

Anna 33

Ukraine, Poltava

I am calm, kind, sensitive and tender woman. I like communication and consider myself quite talkative. I think, I am ...

Pretty miss Viktoriya, 34 yrs.old from Paltava, Ukraine

Viktoriya 34

Ukraine, Paltava

I am found of sport, especially swimming and aerobics. I like parties and clubs, discos and listening to music. I rea...

Charming miss Viktoria, 25 yrs.old from Poltava, Ukraine

Viktoria 25

Ukraine, Poltava

I have such character traits as assertiveness, stubbornness, cunning, physical activity and mobility. At the same tim...

Nice miss Lyudmila, 58 yrs.old from Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Lyudmila 58

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi

I enjoy tourism! I like sports as well. I also like to visit such places as museums, theatres, opera houses. I enjoy...

Gorgeous miss Elena, 29 yrs.old from Poltava, Ukraine

Elena 29

Ukraine, Poltava

I would characterize myself as an amorous person, I like to be in a company and can be moody from time to time. I am ...

Sexy miss Vita, 32 yrs.old from Poltava, Ukraine

Vita 32

Ukraine, Poltava

I am a lady with optimistic and charismatic energy. Is there a question "Are you ambitious?" - actually, it depends...

Beautiful miss Nataliya, 27 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Nataliya 27

Ukraine, Kiev

I am an extremely cheerful, kind-hearted, open, gentle, lively, reliable, active and caring lady. I am very modest an...

Gorgeous lady Nataliya, 54 yrs.old from Kiev, Ukraine

Nataliya 54

Ukraine, Kiev

I am a bright, very cheerful, sociable, kind-hearted, upbeat, sensual, active, intelligent, positively-thinking and p...