When Your Russian Girlfriend Is Sick: The Survival Guide For You
If you are dating a real Russian woman and not an imaginary one, sooner or later she will get sick as these are the characteristics of any human body. We have prepared a plan of action for you so that the illness of your girlfriend does not take you by surprise.

Do not disappear without a reason (she will remember it). It's clear that your first reaction is to dance, go to the helicopter and soar into the skies like Dr. Moriarty. It is not necessary: ​​the girl will not forget such betrayal and will not forgive. Therefore, if, after all, you are going to faint-heartedly retreat, come up with a respectful excuse - like an urgent business trip.

Specify if she needs your help. Well, a good reason to disappear was not found. It remains a hope that she will ask you to leave, worrying about your health. But we would not, in particular, rely on it. So your next step is to find out if the girl needs help. And not with hints "How are you?" Or "I would help someone now". Ask directly: "Do you need my help?"

Ask for clear instructions and mark boundaries. Immediately tell the girl that:
1. It is more convenient for you to receive lists of medicines and products at the end of the working day (rather than 100 voice messages every 30 minutes).
2. You are able to take care of the cat, but do not wash floors. Therefore, you invited the housekeeper and put the money to the bedside table.
3. You can not talk to her all day, even if she is very bored, and the series is downloaded slowly.

Do not advertise that you have grandiose plans for this evening (without her). Do not tease the girl with your bright, healthy life. Tell her that plans for the evening can not be moved, but it will be extremely boring, she will not lose anything.

Be patient. Just be patient. Do you think she likes to lie with the temperature and wait until you finally bring her broth and massage your heels?

Follow the speech. Be careful with humor, when you try to cheer her up. She is unlikely to appreciate the remark that with her charming swollen red nose she can go out into the circus arena without makeup.

Comfort her through physical contact. Just taking a girl by the hand or stroking her hair, you will achieve a reduction in her stress due to a fall in the level of cortisol and at the same time, it'll give her a sense of security, intimacy, and trust, triggering a rush of oxytocin. At the moment when you hold hands, you can stroke her thumb with the back of her hand. Easily taking her hand or putting it in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, you will achieve the same effect.


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