What you need to do at the beginning of the year
1. Brush your social networks. We all have some hot-headed content posted, or friends or ex-girls in the friendlist with whom we no longer communicate. You may want to delete a post with a crazy party photo, for example.

2. Clean your phone. When was the last time you deleted messages from a mobile operator or cleared the cache memory of your smartphone? Thus, you not only free up space on the memory card but also facilitate the phone’s work.
3. Clean your computer. Is your desktop cluttered ? What about the Downloads folder? It also makes sense to delete old notifications from the site from your mail thoroughly and refresh passwords from it.

4. Find a new favorite movie/book/music group and discuss it with your girlfriend from the site. All kinds of lists of “Top 100 best books of all time”, “Movies that everyone should watch” and others are good for this case. Open the list, poke your finger and go, develop, as well as a great topic for conversation in letters and chat!

5. Remember your experience with girls on the site, because the past is the foundation for the future. Analyze what successes you have achieved, what difficulties you have encountered, what lesson they have taught. After introspection, proceed to the fifth, most important point.

6. There are two serious mistakes in life: to do something without a goal, and to have a goal, but to do nothing. Write a list, set approximate dates. For instance:

- order a gift for the one whom you have liked for so long. Remember, that it's easy, just click the send flowers button

- exchange additional photos via email, because on Marmeladdies.com we allow the exchange of contact information

- determine a convenient time to meet your Slavic beauty and begin preparations for this event

The main thing is to live here and now. Have you come to Marmeladies.com dating site for happiness? So take it, do not hesitate!


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