What should you share with your Russian woman on dating agencies?
A lot of Russian women complain that when dating with foreign men using dating sites, they seldom get enough information about the man. Most guys tend to ask questions to know more about the foreign pen pal not answering questions in return. Well, that only shows lack of seriousness. While some men tell too much about themselves, which is also a bad sign.
The main tip is not to tell everything to your Russian lady. Allow things to take natural course of action. You should make the Russian bride want to write you again to know more about you. So the thing is to make a Russian woman curios about you, your life, and plans for future. So revealing too much or writing too long letter will overload the girl, and will leave her at a loss about what to ask you and how to behave further. Usually the result is that girls give up on such communication and go on searching for another guy.


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