The character of your Slavic Beloved having looked at her pet
Have you noticed that many owners are like their pets? This is not an accident: we can draw conclusions about the nature of a person by his or her zoosympathies.

This is the closest friend, the second "I" of the owner, so if someone does not like the cat, then he does not like its owner either. Ladies who get cats as a pet are ladies who harmoniously combine the advantages of both sexes. Such women are beautiful and intelligent, feminine and efficient, great and effective at work, pretty and persistent in achieving the goal.
Cats often replace a non-existent child for single ladies, because cats also need care, affection, and tenderness, they are playful and naughty animals, like children. A single woman with a cat treats men with disbelief and reluctantly enters into close relationships with them. In psychology, there is the term "ailurophobia ". Ladies who despise cats feel bad about themselves, and Ailurophobic men don't really like women.

For a woman, her dog is almost always a symbol of a man, even if the dog is female. Looking at the breed it is always possible to say exactly which masculine qualities the mistress appreciates the most. Big Shepherd means that its owner needs a protector and reliable support. A bulldog means a woman appreciates loyalty, reliability, solidity, constancy, and sense of humor in her partner. A lady with a Doberman has iron willpower and defiant attitude towards men - who can protect me better than my dog? A woman who holds a malicious, yelping, biting and cowardly creature in her hands has too high demands from men, expects to find some incredibly remarkable qualities in them. As a result, such women are rarely happy in marriage. Almost everyone who loves dogs is intolerant of the independence of others and seeks to control the lives and actions of loved ones.
It is believed that only evil and cruel people cannot stand dogs, but it’s not always true. Those who don’t like dogs can simply be shy and fearful, they can be afraid of these biting and loudly barking predators, or perhaps they just prefer to look for love and friendship in the world of people and do not understand why they might need this little wolf. Many people are disgusted by the need to train another living creature and become its owner, and therefore they flatly refuse to have a dog at home.

Exotic bright birds are liked by romantics, melancholic, sensitive, vulnerable persons, bored in silence and solitude. Parrot is reminiscent of tropical islands, fabulous pirates and compensates for the lack of travel in everyday life. Birds do not tolerate irritable, hot-tempered, workaholics, overworked, sybarites: loudly chirping and piercingly screaming parrots violate their comfort, confuse them with their thoughts and confusing plans.

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