Technique of paying hypnotic compliments to Russian brides (part 2)
Some more advice for paying hypnotic compliments to any foreign bride. To ask for advice is a great way to attract a beautiful single Russian girl. Any foreign woman will feel flattered if she is found competent in some sphere. Beautiful words will impress any woman. Ask her advice how to behave in some situation you consider difficult. You can think it out; it must not be a real story. Explain why you have addressed exactly that very girl. And with the help of such technique you will pay a compliment, anything your heart desires. “Ann (Nastya, Tanya) you are so smart, I am absolutely sure you will help me solve this matter, no one will do it better than you.” A nice way to pay a compliment is to include him in your system of feelings that create your mood and fill your heart with energy. “Everything is great, I am in great mood, the sun is shining, spring has come, it is warm, you look so perfect, I am so glad to see, life is perfect .“ It is a wonderful technique like roller coaster.


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