Technique of paying hypnotic compliments to a hot Russian girls (part 3)
Paying compliments is real art and you need some knowledge and experience to be good at it. So here are some more tips for you to attract any hot Russian bride. Retelling the plot of a film, speaking about the main characters or event not from the third person, as we are used to (“he tells her that she looks great, she is the most beautiful, and he loves her so much”), but from the second one: “And at that moment he tells her: you are the most beautiful, I love you so much…” paying your own compliments in such a disguised form. The thing is our subconscious perceives such text literary and you can do nothing with it. In the letter a technique like that will hardly work, but if you retell it orally it will produce an impression on any lady from Russia or Ukraine. Beautiful words and compliments all Russian brides perceive especially positively. So a single Russian woman who has heard a story like that will unconsciously take it personally.


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