Technique of paying hypnotic compliments to a hot Russian girls (part 1)
Let’s start with a simple compliment. It is the technique we come across every day in commercials. It comes down to asking a question why the girl is so good at something. For example one Russian girl asks another Russian girl how she can cook so nice. And the answer is in magic sauces or pots. In life the secret of a good compliment is in associating the words you say with the girl herself. It turns out you substitute a declarative compliment with an interrogative one, and sincere attitude with sincere interest. Compliments help in making new acquaintances with hot Russian ladies and flirting with them. It is an advantageous position for both of you, as some Russian women may also find it difficult to react to love compliments. And the girl may be good at anything: looking fashionable, dancing at parties, writing emails, speaking English, and so on.


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