Popular wine types for a Russian bride
It has recently been found that drinking preferences in Russia have shifted to wines and high quality wines. Consumption of red wine will be dominant, but white and non-alcoholic wine will also be popular among Russian women.
Red wines are produced from black grapes, these wines are prepared sweet or light as a mellow or fresh. The most popular types of red wines among girls from Russia are Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Pinot Noir. Merlot and Barbera can be served with any food, while Cabernet is the best wine for meat. If your Russian lady likes chicken or fish, buy a bottle of Pinot Noir.
White wines are prepared from white and black grapes; they can be both dry and sweet. Among Russian brides Chardonnay, Muscat, Riesling are popular. But also keep in mind that Chardonnay is served with chicken and fish. Riesling is served with chicken, pork, or fish.


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