If your Russian bride is a non-smoker, it is a great idea to give up that habit
The majority of Russian girls are non-smokers. And most probably your Russian bride will not approve of your nasty habit. So it is high time to think of some way to give it up. We would offer you trying an electronic cigarette.
An electronic cigarette is a new product for people willing to give up smoking. It looks like an ordinary fag, but it doesn’t contain any tobacco. It works in the following way: a cartridge inside generates a taste of tobacco cigarette. You can choose from a variety of different flavors, like mint, apple, chocolate. Besides you will have the choice to select the amount of nicotine consumed, i.e. high, medium, low, or none. If you are willing to give up smoking, prefer у cigarettes without nicotine.
The main advantage of у cigarette is that it can smoked in any placed like restaurants and bars, at workplaces, as they don’t emit smoke. And it will do no harm to your beloved girl from Russia.


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