How to save money on dining out with a Russian girl
Taking into account the crisis, all of us will admit that live in the state of economy. A lot of people have to tighten their belts. But if you are dating a Russian woman, then you will probably go out and dining in a restaurant will become a weekly occurrence for you. And it is up to you to turn every evening into a real happening not spending more than you can afford.
A lot of diners have begun to use beneficial promoting methods, for example café coupons.
It is a common thing to see dining couples giving coupons for purchase to get another bill half off, or even free.
Some restaurants offer certificates and bonuses. They guarantee the cafes that consumers will attend their café again and again. This way you and Russian wife will enjoy a night out without dipping in your savings.
To see what restaurants offer coupons, check their sites and sign up to subscriptions. This way you will always keep abreast of the news.


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