How to find love on a dating site in the new year? 6 useful tips
1. Learn to say no
If you do not feel interested in your Russian darling's behavior, do not waste time, write to another girl. It is a mistake to be bound by corresponding with someone only because you don“t want to be alone.

2. Clean your personal life on the site.
Rate your company - may be a circle of friends does not support your desire to meet a girl from Russia or Ukraine. Keep your plans secret for a while or share only with those closest from whom you will definitely get support. The main thing is, to be honest with yourself and be steady in your purpose.

3. Get out of the scope
Free your mind from the cliches imposed by advertising and movies. Do not look for a life partner using generally accepted today stereotypes - everything is changeable. Base your choice on feeling - the presence of this particular person gives happiness. And if you didn’t think to have a relationship with a girl who already has a child, try to still chat with such a woman. Perhaps you will discover a completely different world of female nature.

4. Stop comparing your relationships with other people's
Accept your right to build your universe in your own way. There are no identical people and identical dating stories, even if the path they have is one source - a dating site. Someone else's unsuccessful experience should not be your guideline, look for happy examples, and if you really want to learn something, learn from them.

5. Make yourself online dating rules
If you have been interested in each other for a couple of days while chatting on a dating site, you should not stall Make an appointment and then you will be able to feel if there is an attraction between you.

6. Do not bother
Do not turn your communication on the site into psychoanalytic sessions. Do some useful things: sign up for sections, underwater fishing groups, go for tea with friends, then share stories with your chosen one. Otherwise, your insecurity or fear that something will go wrong will give the wrong setting and will block you from love.

On the eve of New Year and Christmas, open your heart and do not stop wondering! Happiness can come to you in a completely unexpected way. Do not scare it, do not shut!


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