How to apologize to your Russian Bride
This is a really difficult step for many people. It is important to accept the fact that we have offended another person with our behavior to find the strength for a frank conversation and ask for forgiveness from a loved one.

Getting ready for an apology

The pledge of many successful negotiations lies in careful preparation. So it is with an expression of regret: if you want your Russian bride to hear you, it is better to think in advance how to convey your regrets. Ideally, you should think about the woman you are planning to address to in order to find the words that she will understand. You can mention that you understand why she feels offended. And you are very sorry that you became the cause of these experiences. The very request for forgiveness must be formulated clearly - so that it is clear what the conversation is about. In order for the apology to be as effective as possible it is important to focus attention on her feelings, and not on yours. The addressee should feel that she is in the center of attention, and you, for your part, are trying to make your loved one feel better. Therefore, after a brief description of our own sorrows and regrets, you need to switch to the sympathy and understanding of the offense of who we apologize to.

When to ask for forgiveness?

Please note that most men and women consider that any reconciliation should occur naturally and quickly! The ideal period is a day after the quarrel. The maximum amount of time offended people can last is three days. After that a psychological “exclusion zone” begins to grow: the level of trust in offender falls, the number of hopes associated with him decreases, and the question whether these relations will continue is not vital anymore. And in this case, it is necessary to make efforts not only to apologize but also to restore confidence. So do not be late!!

Accept the reaction of the interlocutor

After your apologies your Russian beloved may need some time to sort out her feelings. Therefore at the end of the conversation thank her and mentally prepare for the fact that her reaction to your words can be of any kind - from positive to sharply negative. If an offended woman seized the opportunity and began to express her displeasure to you, there is a risk of aggravating the quarrel. In this case, it is better to calmly listen to the response speech, thank and finish this discussion. After all the main thing in fact has already been done - you apologized according to all the rules.

We hope that there will be few such moments, but we all understand that different things happen. Take care of your Russian beloved ones and be happy!


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