Five Fantastic Ideas For Winter Date With Russian Bride
It’s snowy and cold outside but that is not a reason to cancel the date and sit at home. After all, there are so many wonderful places where you can go together. We share our ideas for winter dates with you.

Go to the icerink. In the evening, everything is lit with beautiful lights and rousing melodies are playing. If you want something new, sign up the figure skating school for adults with your Russian girl. Of course, you won’t be able to turn the triple toe loop, but to master simple elements isn’t a problem and then you will be able to demonstrate your skills to friends.

Arrange the photo session . Of course, it's cold outside, but it is so beautiful! It is better to choose scenic spots for photo experiment: the small forest or a park with trees and fluffy snow drifts. Just do not forget to dress warmly, and go home or to the nearest cafe to get warm with hot mulled wine after the shooting.

Take a ride on the reindeer or dog sleigh. You can ride quick as the wind in the sled because the dog team, for example, can reach speed up to 40 km / h. Just imagine how much fun is to go over the vast snow fields, admire the spectacular views and, most importantly, watch the beautiful graceful deer or cheerful huskies. If you and your Russian woman are not lovers of "exotic" entertainment, take a ride on a “Russian troika” with bells.

Arrange culinary battle. Choose some winter recipes: hot mulled wine or grog, gingerbread sweets, honey gingerbread men. Gather a gingerbread house together and decorate it, bake magic cookies and think the predictions for them .

Remember the childhood. Ski, make a snowman with a snowwoman and dress them, play snowballs, play hockey, arrange winter picnic with tea and sandwiches. When all is mastered, move on to the skiing and snowboarding - it's time to try.


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