Does your Russian Girl respect elderly people?
Are you and your Russian bride ready to greet your grandparents, parents and just elderly people with International Day devoted to their respected age? The purpose of the Day of the Elderly people is to draw public attention to the problems of the elderly people; increasing the level of public awareness of the problem of the demographic aging of society, the individual and social needs of older people, their contribution to the development of society, the need to change attitudes towards the elderly population; to ensure the elderly people's independence, participation in the life of society, the necessary care, the conditions for the realization of internal potential and the maintenance of their dignity.
Aging of people is a major problem of our time, requires a reassessment of the role of older people and a radical change in attitude towards them. The average age of the population is getting higher. According to the UN forecasts, by the year 2025 (with a total population of 8.5 billion people), 1.2 billion people have crossed the sixty-year mark. The share of citizens of the older generation in Russia reached 20.7%.
To date, the importance of the Day of Older Persons as an annual event, which has a positive public resonance and simultaneously sums up what has been done, is noted.
The focus is on the interests of low-income elderly people, single pensioners and elderly disabled, issues of providing them with the material, social and other types of assistance.
As part of the International Day of Older Persons, there are free concerts, charity performances, film shows, evenings, as well as amateur art competitions and sports competitions among the elderly. A celebration of long-livers, couples, solo exhibitions of veterans' works and other events are traditionally timed to the Day of the Elderly People. Don't forget to devote some time with your Russian woman to Older people.


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