Do you know what quality Ukrainian brides are looking for in a man?
Finally, the most important male quality on dating sites was named. And this is not the way you look and your appearance, not the sense of humor and not the ability to show tricks with matches.

A recent joint study cщтвгсеув by Match Media Group and Discover Financial Services proves that we have not yet shared the main secret of success on a dating site. So, you thought that women appreciate a man with a sense of humor, a sharp mind or stupid muscles? Undoubtedly, all this attracts female attention, but the main attractive male trait lies in the financial field. 69% of 2 thousand of interviewed brides of dating sites answered that the most attractive feature of a potential partner is financial literacy.

That is, not even the possession of millions, but the ability to wisely dispose of these millions. Actually, 58% of the women interviewed said that of a man they are more impressed by an expensive car, but a credible credit story. The attractiveness of the paid bills for the apartment was undertaken by the anthropologist Helen Fisher, the curator of the study and the senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute: "If you have a good credit history, it is likely that other personal qualities are on top. Financial responsibility hints at responsibility for the family and close people. And this speaks in your favor much more eloquently than an expensive car. " Helen went even further, calling the choice of partner on the basis of financial literacy "a Darwinian approach to measuring reproductive capacity."


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