Body language and the signals hot Russian brides send
Movements and gestures is one of the channels of communication we use to transmit information about ourselves. Our movements reveal our emotions, self-esteem, temper, and state of mind. Self-confidence attracts and retains attentions. It is one of the elements people consider sexual. Energy, confident behavior, and positive mood always impact others and they are eager to be close to a person like that. And those people who don’t love themselves demonstrate constraint in movements and lack of self-confidence. It is these people that are constantly finding excuses. We won’t speak of such people. We will reveal you some secrets of expressing sympathy used by beautiful Russian brides:
The visual contact is established more often and the foreign girl smiles at you. If Russian lady lifts her eyebrow for a fraction of a second, it will mean she got interested in you. The foreign woman will open the lips a little. Also the girl will copy some of your movements.


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