Best Idea to Propose Your Future Russian Wife in Public
Almost every Russian girl cherished in dreams the thought how her prince will talk about the wedding. Therefore, it is better to carefully and tactfully find out in advance what your beloved Russian lady wants. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a difficult situation and spoil one of the most beautiful moments in life.

To propose without a ring is not serious. Even if you are constrained by the means, a modest option still has to be found. Naturally, you can not choose a gold ring for a silver lover or vice versa. So you need to find out her preferences in advance.

It is also necessary to prepare a speech in advance. Write it yourself or pick up some great lines from a literary work or poem. It is not advisable to improvise on the spot. Even the most confident man in such a moment can panic and be silent.

If you can not come up with an original script, then it makes sense to use proven methods of organizing the proposal. Even in such a case, there is a rating of the popularity of scenarios. Which one to choose depends on you and your capabilities.

Lately, it has become fashionable to organize flash mobs, during which the future bridegroom suddenly appears and makes an offer. Your friends, buddies from the World Wide Web and even hired dancers can participate in the flash mob.

Another option, how to make a marriage proposal publicly, is to be mentioned in an announcement on the radio or loudspeaker in the mall. It's a great idea to come to an agreement with the actors and ask for your Ukraine bride hands from the stage after the performance you came to.


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