6 ways to have a great time with your Russian lady
Family psychologists are sure: joint fun, children's games and other rubbish fasten your connection no worse than romantic lunches. Agreeing to compete with your beloved, who will quicklier run to that bench, you let your man understand that you are not afraid to be natural and funny in his presence. Well, if jogging for speed is not for you, then you both will like advice on romantic fooling.

Go to dance classes. Not everyone knows how to dance. Maybe you know how to dance, but what about your partner? Maybe you can dance a passionate dance of tango? Learn to dance together, and you won’t have to be shy to show your abilities at parties.

Playing bowling, billiards together. These games have always been the most interesting and exciting not only for me, but also for the majority of humanity. They are fascinating not only for guys, but for many girls.

Admire the beautiful view. If you have a car, then you will like this idea. Make a list of romantic places in your city and go! If the list is not large, then you can always use the Internet and find what kind of romantic places exist in neighborhood. Spend a free day with benefit for your relationship!

Go to the musical. What could be better than the classics? You’ll like it, and will have something to tell your friends about. I'm sure that after you they will be the next who goes there.

Just ride around the city. Take the car, fill up a full tank of gasoline and ride around your country. I'm sure you'll find where to stay and what to see.
Go to the sex store. There you will always find interesting things for a useful, exciting and debauched time.

Any option will be good, the main thing is to be together!


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