6 character traits of a Slavic woman
1. The Slavic woman has her own style
Only a weak-minded girl will imitate others, because she cannot make decisions on her own. A smart Russian woman works to create her unique style, which can be expressed even in small things, and as the whole it is beautiful.

2. Slavic woman is insightful
Only an intelligent woman will notice something that does not immediately strike the eye. She does not need long questions and conversations to get the right opinion about the situation. Insight is the quality that makes a girl smarter and stronger than many others.

3. Slavic girl lives here and now
Dreaming and hovering in the clouds is not for a smart woman. She lives in the present moment and sets real tasks. Maybe that's why such a girl is less likely than others to be disappointed in life?

4. Slavic woman knows how to forgive
The ability to forgive is a real gift that not every woman possesses. Only the smart one can let go of the situation and forget about it without harboring resentment. Why get angry and take offense for a long time if it does not lead to anything good, but self-destruction from within?

5. Slavic woman lives in harmony with herself
It is impossible to be in harmony with people and the world if you have no harmony inside. To achieve it, you need to carry out a long, internal work on yourself. A clever Russian girl has the strength for this, a stupid one has the excuse. A wise Slavic woman loves herself and lives in harmony with herself, which allows her to assess the situation and actions of people objectively.

6. Slavic woman is very feminine
Today is every man for himself. To remain a tender, fragile and sweet woman in such circumstances is not easy at all. Girls have achieved equality with men long ago and they are on the same level with them. They have to work hard and prove what they are capable of to this world, forgetting that they are weak and gentle creatures. A smart woman always remembers this. She knows when to show character, and when to step back and show her female nature.
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