10 commandments for those who don’t want to age living with a mail order brides (part 2)
Here are some more tips for prolonging your living and making it happier. Russian brides will do evaluate it greatly.
Find your Russian match. Love and tenderness are the best means against aging.
Also you should always have your personal point of view. Conscious people more seldom fall into depression and are sad than those who are passive and pessimistic.
Move more, even eight minutes of physical exercises or sports a day will prolong your life. Russian brides are active at any age as they devote much time to sports.
One more advice is to sleep in the cooled room. It has been proved those who sleep at 17-18 C stay young longer. The reason is that metabolism and age changes depend on the temperature of the environment.
Indulge yourself from time to time.
You should not constantly pocket your anger. It’s a good practice to have an argument sometimes, share your opinion even not the most positive.
Train your brains. Do crosswords, play collective games, learn foreign languages.


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